Nail Bracing is a gentle, non-surgical treatment option for the correction of ingrown toenails or excessive curvature(involution) of the nail.

Nail bracing aims to lift the side of the nail, which effectively reduces the pressure along the side of the nail and nail bed. The result is a painfree toe and a decrease in the hard skin (callus) that often builds up down the side of the nail. For Involuted nails, the nail brace will also correct the shape of the involuted nail, leading to a flatter shape and removing the pressure and pain.

If you have experienced pain from footwear along the side of a nail, or when cutting your nail you remove the edges of the nail or pack the corners to alleviate discomfort, then nail bracing could be a good solution for you.

Treatment at Nenagh Footcare Clinic

At Nenagh Footcare Clinic, we offer nail bracing as a way to manage ingrown or involuted toenails without surgery.

We understand that ingrown and involuted toenails can have a significant impact on your quality of life because painful toes can restrict mobility and prevent you from doing activities that you like to do. Nail bracing can be a great treatment option for people who have recurrent ingrown toenail issues, nail involution, or those who do not want or are unable to have surgery.

The Nail Brace consists of a high grade very thin steel metal strip that is measured to perfectly fit your nail and then glued across the surface of the nail. Once the nail brace is in place the brace becomes bowed, resulting in the sides of the nail lifting upward slightly, effectively freeing the nail and underlying skin from pressure. With involuted nails, over time the nail brace can reduce the involution or inward curving of the toenail.

Expert Advice

Nail bracing can be a very effective alternative to nail surgery, alleviating discomfort quickly and painlessly. As no local anaesthetic is used and no surgery performed, nail bracing is suitable for young children or adults. Nail bracing offers a solution for ingrown nails for people with medical conditions that may limit their surgery options, such as those with diabetes.

Benefits of Nail bracing

  • Provides both fast and long-term relief
  • Simple and gentle painfree treatment
  • Suitable for both Adults and Children
  • Customised for each condition – perfect fit
  • No time off work required