At Nenagh Footcare Clinic we offer a simple test to diagnose whether your nail is fungal or not. A small sample of nail is taken and tested using a Dermatophyte Test Strip. This revolutionary new technology clinically tests for fungal nail infection and gives accurate results in under 5 minutes – all while you sit in the chair. Following on from the diagnosis, treatment options will be discussed.

Why test for Fungal Nail Infection before treating?

  • Studies have shown that even experts (dermatologists & podiatrists) are only around 67% accurate by visual diagnosis, meaning 1 in 3 diagnoses will be wrong.
  • Clinical guidelines repeatedly state it is good practice to establish a formal diagnosis before treating as a high proportion of discoloured/distorted nails are not fungal.
  • To avoid treating (and paying) for something you don’t have

How accurate is the test?

Scientifically proven to give accurate and reliable results. Public studies show accuracy levels of 97% – meaning you can be confident that the test will give accurate and reliable results.