An ingrown toenail occurs when a side section of nail splits or curls into the skin. The area soon becomes tender and uncomfortable. If left untreated an infection can occur where the toe becomes red, swollen, and painful, with heat, pus or blood present. An Ingrown toenail can be caused by trauma, tight footwear/socks, poor nail cutting or congenital problems.

Treatment at Nenagh Footcare Clinic

A cut is made down the side of the nail and the ingrown section of nail is removed. Any debris/dead skin is removed and the area assessed for any further problems such as subungal corns. The toe is then given a saline wash, antiseptic is applied and the toe is dressed to keep the area clean and dry.

Expert Advice

Advice is always given taking into account client wishes and to assist in the prevention of recurrence of the ingrown toenail.

A nail brace may be suggested in order to help the nail grow back successfully.

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Depending on the level of infection you may be referred to your GP for antibiotics.

You may be referred to go down the surgical route to have a partial nail avulsion, where the side of the nail is removed and treated with phenolisation so that that portion of nail does not grow back.