Nail fungus or onychomycosis (on-ih-koh-my-KOH-sis) is a common condition caused by various fungal organisms (fungi).

The most common type is caused by the dermatophyte Fungus. The fungus penetrates under the top of the nail making its way into the nail bed. While it lives on the nail bed it gradually travels down the nail feeding off the keratin in the nail.

Symptoms: Nail becomes a yellow/brown colour. The nail will eventually thicken and have a crumbly/brittle texture and separate from the nail bed.

Causes: The cause is a combination of micro-trauma and feet which are prone to fungal skin infection/athletes foot (see fungal skin infections), which then passes under the nail (especially nails which are cut too short).

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Treatment at Nenagh Footcare Clinic

At Nenagh Footcare Clinic, we consider the level of infection caused by the fungus, prior to advising on possible treatment options.

In the case of a dermatophyte fungal infection – If infection is at the very top of the nail then Topical lacquers will be advised. Once it penetrates further down the nail, nail lacquers will not be effective as they can no longer reach the fungus as it travels down the nail bed.

At Nenagh Footcare Clinic The Lacuna fungal nail removal treatment is offered. This is a successful and proven treatment. It involves the drilling of several micro holes through the nail plate to the nail bed. This efficiently allows the antifungal medication to penetrate straight to the nail bed, effectively reaching the site of infection and clearing it. This is a very effective treatment for the removal of dermatophyte fungal infections. This treatment is repeated at 6 week intervals until the fungus has cleared from the nails.

Expert Advice

Advice offered will be specific to your fungal nail infection. All treatment options which best suit your needs will be discussed.

Advice given will depend on the severity of the fungal infection and will take into consideration the wishes of the client.

Even with effective treatment, fungal nail infections can take up to 18 months to clear fully from the nail bed and a new nail to grow fungal free.