Callouses are layers of thickened hard dead skin that occur over bony prominences, usually on the soles of the feet and knuckles of the toes. As the thickened skin hardens a burning sensation may be felt making it uncomfortable to walk.
Corns are either hard or soft. Hard corns are dense, concentrated areas of thick hard skin which pushes back into the foot and feels like a stone sticking into your foot.  Soft corns occur between the toes and develop due to moisture and friction. Corns can be very painful, affecting mobility and balance.
Both callouses and corns are caused by friction. They occur more frequently as a person ages due to the reduction of the fatty pad on the sole of the foot, causing the bones to become more prominent.

Treatment at Nenagh Footcare Clinic

The hard corn or calloused area is pared back and the relief from pain is immediate. Soft corns are also pared back but in some instances may need further treatment to harden the skin in order to pare it back without causing further damage to the skin.

Expert Advice

Advice is given to reduce friction on the area where the corn or callous is building up. Depending on where the area of callous/corn is located will determine the advice given. For example with a soft corn, a spacer can be made to go between the toes in question in order to reduce/remove the friction.